Saturday, June 04, 2005

Grand choices

Should my hard-earned tips go towards:

a) My phone bill, which is at the moment collecting some interest.

b) My hungry fridge, which is at the moment collecting dust.

c) My need to dance all night long, which is at the moment a pressing need which surpasses both my hunger and any sense of responsibility.

My co-worker asked me to go to Stereo tonight and I replied "It's either I party or pay my phone bill". I look upon both options as equally valid ways to spend my money. Would my mother be proud? Definately not. But I still cannot help the fact that I am only twenty years old, thus rendering all on-paper obligations unimportant.

It's all about feeding the soul right?

Would Sprint Canada accept that excuse?

1 comment:

Jay said...

A phone is no good if you're too depressed to call anyone. I'm all for self indulgence!

...maybe you should ask someone else.