Wednesday, March 16, 2005

publishing my poem did have profound effects.

to "anonymous":

who the hell are you?
how did my garbage receptacle
this little lonely corner of the internet
my place for things with no other home
become yours as well?

why why why why
did this make you hate?
how does my trivial shit
win over yours
how is it that individual expression
things that are so unique to each and every one of us
get so personal?

and why
why why why why
do i take pictures and
why do i write?
how come i have this desire to get up
and yell and scream and
people like YOU
to feel whatever i want you to?
how and when did i become
powerful enough
to think that i can make you
for a second
about your life
about mine
about every one else's?

and why
why why why why
are you so special
that i have to pay attention to you
that i want to get under your skin
that i want to change your life
change your paradigm
in every single goddamn way i know how

when did my selfish
self-indulgent tendencies
begin to revolve around

and why
why why why why
is this beautiful?

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