Wednesday, March 23, 2005

And now it's time for wonderful MSN quotes, brought to you by two of my friends.
You know one of my long-term goals is to write a collection of plays. A pretty big collection at that. Have a nice little 30-40 pieces under my belt. And I know, that somewhere in there, is a play dedicated to you.
I don't know why. But... yeah. It's there.
You're alive.
So alive.
You can take much of it in without collapsing. That's admirable.
You know, the reason it freaks me out with you is because MANY people can take life in while not intoxicated and stay cool and under control of what they have.
But if I understand drugs well enough, they give you a bit more... more of a rush.. more things to take in. And you take those in also. And don't succomb under the weight.
It's... for lack of better words... awesome.
And that is the only nice thing I will ever say about drugs.
C'est que je sais que les hommes sont généralement des gros con comme moi donc je suis le premier a encouragé les filles a resté entre elle.

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