Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Only me....

I have a special relationship with my roommate. Now that we aren't sleeping with each other anymore, we are finding other ahem avenues to explore. She has been offered alot of money to write gothic/erotica stories that will be acted out at an S&M Show/Industrial Night at an afterhours club. The only way she will get the money, is if she also finds the girls that will play out this sex piece.

I'm sure you all can see where this is going.

But what makes this whole experience even sweeter is the fact that the other girl she has in mind is her incredibly hot friend who I last saw first thing in the morning standing in my living room in her underwear. I had just gotten out of bed after morning sex with a boy I'm seeing, and stumbled into my kitchen to find this girl, half-nude, casually saying "good morning" to me.

Not knowning what to do, I just turned around and made coffee and hoped that a jolt of caffeine will give me the strength to deal with an over-sexed morning.

A dominatrix scene with this girl would be intolerably hot, for both me and for every single audience member. And the fact that my roommate would be essentially directing it...

I can't even finish that thought. It's too much.

I have to go do unsexy things now.

But one last thing... My roommate can't decide who would be the dominatrix. Neither can I. But again, part of my indecision is due to the fact that thoughts related to this are too sexy and I can't handle thinking about it for too long because it is 1pm and I have to unpack and clean my apartment.

And think unsexy things.

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