Sunday, July 24, 2005

Material Girl

I spent nearly 6 months of my life swimming in piles of dirty laundry. My bedroom at my old apartment consisted of a few pieces of useful furniture and oodles of unwashed laundry. When I moved, I did 11 loads of laundry at my local, overpriced laundramat.

In the middle of revelling in my clean clothes, I realized I lost an entire garbage bag of clothing. Some of which were my roommate's clothing.


So now, with my freshly drawn budget that grossly underestimates the amount of tips I make per week, I am going shopping tomorrow. I am going to treat myself to some fabulous new clothing for the first time this year.

Half my money will be spent on cheap finds. The other half I am spending at this ridiculously expensive store on St. Laurent, which I am sure still has my drool all over the floor from the last time I walked in.

I used to be a shopping addict. I fear that tomorrow, I might binge shop... as addicts are wont to do after a hiatus from their substance. Fuck it. I deserve it. For once I am going to spend my money on something more concrete than a hangover.

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