Thursday, July 07, 2005

moving is FUN

im living in a boys apartment right now

beer bottles everywhere
loud music
dirty floors

okay so i drank the beer and i play the obscenely loud bass
i did not make a mess of the floors

nor did i dirty the bathroom to the point where 5 straight hours of cleaning is necessary
nor did i draw anarchist symbols on the walls
nor did i think that spray on snow crap provides decent window coverage
nor did i glue belinda stronach's head on the front door
nor did i hang numchucks behind said front door (presumably to beat belinda's face in with)

who the fuck were these losers?!

this place needs a hell of alot more than a little mop and paint.

it needs a woman's touch.
so if you know a woman who has this ever elusive woman's touch, let me know. i have a position available.

oh and a fire alarm might be in order.
i live above a fucking restaurant.

1 comment:

mtlanglo said...

Belinda Stronach is HOT! And I'm a new democrat-leftist!