Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cabbages deserve love too.

When we think green leafy substance, our mind turns immediately to lettuce or marijuana (you dirty hippies, don't think I don't know about your tricky little games). But what about cabbage? In the swift modernization of our time, has cabbage been left out in the dark?
Remember when coleslaw was great? Now we see it as a nuisance. It gets thrown onto hamburger platters and fish and chip platters in a valiant attempt to preserve its relevance in today's society. But noone cares!! We all just ignore the coleslaw... We say "we didn't order COLESLAW, we ordered a dead cow on a bun and mutilated potatoes!"
Sneaking coleslaw onto a plate is not working, nor will it ever work.
Poor cabbage.
Only eastern europeans are really doing anything with cabbage nowadays and with the americanization of their cultures, how long will cabbage rolls last?!
And cabbage doesn't even get in on the drug wagon either. When was the last time a crazy vegan nazi protested against a super-human cabbage? They are too focused on the tomatoes addicted to steroids, or the high-maintenance strawberries that are now too perfect.
Left out in the dark again, weren't you, dear cabbage...

I think all you cabbage ignorers should be a cabbage for a day and see how it feels. It might make you think twice about bitching about coleslaw.

Septima: changing the world, one cabbage hater at a time.


The Zombieslayer said...

sauerkraut? kim chee? Those are both from cabbage, right? If so, I like cabbage.

zanadu said...

all you had to say for the past 3 weeks is that you like cabbage??

i can't wait for your exposé on carrots.