Monday, May 16, 2005

Lions and Cats and Kittens... OH MY!

Retarded cats are mating in my living room. Rather, the male is trying to rape his sister. The gene pool is already pretty pathetic for these two beasts and their litter is going to be even worse.


Yes, Bob Barker, I will get my cats neutered and spayed but the job I just acquired is not paying me for training. So as soon as I make some tips, I will dutifully follow your famous instructions. Until then, my days will be spent peeling a horny cat off his traumatized sister who clearly has not sexually matured yet. Or maybe she just views fucking her brother as morally wrong.

Either way, I feel bad for her... if I had a brother I would have a huge problem with him constantly trying to jump me.


Jay said...

Hah. Yeah, poor kitty. Cats can just look so darned insulted sometimes.

sarahbella said...

Ahahahaha... I guess your little kitty is growing up too fast. Next thing you know they will be smoking after sex! I'm not sure where you are, but there are places that will fix your cats for the super cheap cheap.